Virus Removal

Virus Removal


Starting at $100 With Backup $150


Town Geek Virus Removal Specialists:

  • We remove viruses without reformatting your hard drive and losing all of your photos, music, and files. We remove the viruses and nothing else.
  • Then we speed up your computer with our free optimization process.
  • You’ll have your computer healed and returned within 11 to 14 business hours unless the virus or malware is severe.
  • We remove viruses and malware from desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and servers.
  • We do both Macs and PCs.
  • We start the minute you bring it in.
  • We are experienced with the Encryption, RCMP or Cybercrimevirus, UKash virus, and other more severe viruses.
  • You’ll receive a free anti-virus.
  • We remove pop-ups, hijackers, spyware, trojans, adware, slowness, and all malware known and unknown.


Free Anti-virus Software

We only use the best virus removal tools and also install free antivirus software on all computers and laptops that go through our virus removal process. You can also purchase Kaspersky or Malwarebytes Pro at a discount price.

On the other hand, if you have other problems caused by bad hardware that mimicks the slowness caused by malware we will repair your computer’s hardware issues instead and won’t charge for the virus removal even if we did the whole process. If you don’t have viruses you won’t be charged for the virus removal.

Dedicated Virus Removal Lab

We have a specialized virus and spyware removal lab and years of successful experience at removing malware and can remove even the nastiest of malware – especially the ones your antivirus can’t! That’s why we pride ourselves on being Lethbridge’s virus removal experts. We can remove the nastiest of trojan horse viruses, hijackers, spyware, unwanted toolbars, adware, malware, and any other virus. We have experience with the RCMP virus or encryption virus. We also give you a free antivirus application.

Anti-virus Cocktail

We have a new anti-virus cocktail that is very effective at warding off viruses on your computer. It is the best prevention we know of. It consists of Kaspersky or AVG Anti-virus, Malwarebytes Pro, and AdBlock. We will install, schedule, and configure it for you.

Is your computer running slower than it used to?

Most computers have viruses and other malware that can cause them run slower. Despite the best protection possible it is easy to pick one up online. Do you have pop-ups or does your browser go to some page that you don’t even want to go to or didn’t click on? Are you getting error messages or the blue screen of death? We can help. We can also optimize your computer so it runs at is optimal speed.

Get Protection!

Today’s internet floods computers with all sorts of spyware that most virus software does not catch. Town Geekk prevents viruses, trojan horses, intrusions, hackers, fraud, pop-ups, unwanted toolbars, slow hijacked browsers, as well as besieged and beleagured computers. We install free antivirus software on every computer that we service.

Take back your computer

If you already have viruses, trojans, and malware, Town Geek helps you take your computer back. Town Geek Virus Removal gets rid of all the malware and gunk slowing your computer down, before it totally bogs down and crashes. Or before spyware steals your credit card numbers and passwords. You can use the internet safely, even credit cards, online banking and financial services without the threat of identity theft and fraud, and we’ll help you do it.

What Spyware and Malware Does

Spyware steals credit card and bank account numbers, passwords, and personal information. Malware of any sort slows down your internet connection. Malware hijacks your browser and forces it to go to an advertising web page. Adware attaches toolbars to your browser window. Spyware logs what you type. Spyware steals your address book. Malware turns your computer into a zombie that serves pornography. Malware slows down your computer and makes it crash.